Basic Objective;

Achieving a perfect human resources supported by best human resources practices.

Our Policy;

  • Ensure that company’s affiliations have dynamic organizational structure and are prepared for changes in line with their strategic plans and targets,

  • Improve individual and team performances by continuously employing processes and systems that improve quality; create a professional work environment and career development opportunities in order for the most efficient and effective use of human resources,

  • Hire individuals with high education level, open for innovations and changes, having ability of entrepreneurship, energetic, aiming to improve themselves and the company, coaching employees, adopting and implementing company values.

Fundamentals of strategic human resources management is based on leading Group/Company/Agency human resources in line with the strategic targets of the Group and the Company.

Fundamental Principles and Basis;

  • Affiliations of ASFARMA identify their organization structure and human resources needs in line with their strategic plans, and develop their career and back-up plans.

  • Our company considers organizational structures of agency and distribution companies as an instrument to meet the new requirements of their business filed and ensure achievement of company objectives, and continuously makes improvement and changes to organizational structure in accordance with requirements.

  • Company takes account of human resources management quality principles.

  • Conducted studies and developed systems related to human resources focus on; quality, customer satisfaction, efficiency, participative management, team work, flexibility and open communication.

  • Company managers mitigate and eliminate inefficiencies in various departments within the organizational structure, and consider practices to improve efficiency and effectiveness of human resources.

  • Ensuring that existing employees are engaged, improved, integrated within the group and see their future in ASFARMA company is the fundamental principle.

  • Each employee should be led within the framework of a plan in respect to their current and next possible tasks.

  • Company targets reduced department and individual level shall be identified, and employee performance evaluations will be carried out based on objective criteria.

  • The main criteria to be considered by management in performance evaluations are as follows;

    • Employee’s responsibilities related to their work / development of their work,

    • Self-improvement,

    • Coaching their personnel,

    • Long-term contribution to the company,

  • Employee’s professional development needs are identified, and necessary personal development and action plans are created to close the gap with the standard requirements.

  • Equal opportunities shall be provided to all employees for their professional development.

  • The most important instruments required for implementation of professional (also referred as occupational or career) development plans are “rotation” and “transfer”.

  • In case of a personnel need within the company or its affiliations, the main principle is to consider in-house human resources first.

  • The main principle in employee selection and placement is to provide equal opportunities and advancement possibility to the individuals having necessary qualifications (knowledge, skill, behavior) and capable of adapting to organizational culture without any discrimination and favoring.

  • Competence-based selection and placement system suitable to identification of the necessary job qualifications should be employed in hiring individuals for the company.

  • Managers are responsible for adopting participative management and team work perspective within organizational structure, giving information and responsibility to employees and encourage and support them in taking initiatives.

  • Company’s pay management is based on education levels, competencies, performances of the employees as well as market values. Flexible pay systems are implemented on country basis.

  • All pay information is specific to individuals, therefore confidentiality is required in that respect, and our employees are expected to pay ultimate attention to confidentiality.

  • Employees must observe code of conduct.

In order to ensure a sustained development, human resources management practices must be benchmarked, successful models should be closely observed, necessary efforts and actions must be taken to achieve such level