Career management is considered as part of strategic human resources planning, and facilitated through relevant practices in our company.

The biggest strength of the company is the employees that adopted group and company values, and aiming to achieve those targets with full performance. It is of utmost importance to manage human resources efficiently, effectively and in a manner to make use of the synergy of being a group company in line with those targets. In that extent;

  • All employees are directed in respect to their current and next duties.

  • The fundamental rule in career development is not a job for a certain period but to identify a career map within the frame of company opportunities.

  • The term it will take for an employee to move to a higher position or job is related to his/her competencies and performances.

  • It is fundamental for all managers to facilitate career development of employees working under them.

  • Back-up plans are significant input and output of strategic human resources. The evaluations based on competencies and career targets originate from certain employees’ potential to take a higher position after a period, and their developments are planned.

  • Coaching/training other employees as a back-up for their position is considered as a part of all managers’ performances.