Human Resources Management

Asfarma's competitive strength lies in its qualified, educated and motivated staff.

By  choosing professional individuals , Asfarma is being able to maintain its competitive position in an increasingly demanding market. 

İn human resource management our main targets are:

Looking for the enthusiastic and talented professionals who thrive on challenge and change, who want to make a difference and deliver results.

To create and apply the projects that enable employees to show their all ability and knowledge, to obtain and develop their self-determination.

To encourage our employees for the professional and career growing up.


To select and grow up the professional employee who is ready to share our success and passion for the progress.

Step-by-step selection 

After consecutive interviews made by Human Resource, personality, inventory and competency tests are applied. The general human characteristic along with all taken tests results are estimated and job proposal decision are announced. 

Training employees 

The company gives any kind of training and developments to its employees,

enhancing their performance and motivation.  

Career planning 

Primarily, within selection period the company gives priority to the those employees who include career growing and development  into his plan. For the vacant up-positions selection is firstly  made among the current employees by taking such criteria as current performance, knowledge, experience level, length of service e.t.c into consideration. 


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